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Hope is a company that we believe needs no introduction. En 1989, les créateurs de la société, Ian Weatherill et Simon Sharp, fabriquent pour leur utilisation personnelle une première série de freins à disques. Bref, on s’égare… Eh bien, arrangeons ce proverbe à la sauce Vélo Vert et prônons que derrière chaque vélo, il y a un(e) grand(e) ingénieur(e) ! Lastly, a 65.5° steering angle combined with a classic 51mm offset fork. Any use? Prix fixe. After some descents I became familiar with the front, also thanks to the Maxxis Minion DHF 2.5WT 3C and to the Ohlins fork which turned out to be rigid but not nervous. It has often happened that we  deal with technical sections with steep punches full of obstacles or low traction surfaces. Long reach combined with a short stem and above all a steep 76° seat angle. As always I give much credit to the initial sensations that a new bike transmits to me. Hope. Company Number: 02658410 VAT Number: GB 927176994 Registered Office: Hope Mill, Calf Hall Road, Barnoldswick, Lancashire. Rubber protection of the lower part of the frame. Meet the second bike from the Hope Technology bike works, the HB.130. Instead of using the classic 148mm hub (boost), Hope decided to create their own solution that had already been introduced with the HB.160. Between the hub flanges, there’s just a 51-millimeter spread, 10 millimeters narrower than a Boost hub. Ahaha, et pourtant c’est bien l’une des qualités du HB 130 : il peut nous tirer de toutes les mauvaises situations et ce même au dernier moment. Huge selection of mountain bikes from brands such … MTBR Newsletter. HB160. Basculons maintenant sur la partie arrière de ce HB 130, Hope faisant naturellement la part belle à l’aluminium pour des raisons de fiabilité et de résistance aux différents terrains de jeux proposés au vélo. The HB.130 is available in various versions which can also be customized with the anodized colors of the Hope components, including stickers for the rims that match the colors of the other components. Jamais il n’a de comportement imprévu ou étrange. Large cable passages make things a bit easier, but have no internal guiding. Hope Technology (IPCO) Ltd. BB18 5PX. Main Navigation. Test du vélo électrique EVEO 650. Hope HB 130 FR, Hope HB 130 factory racing. I must say that after the first few meters the HB.130 gave me a feeling of solidity that was out of the ordinary. The HB130 is available with Fox or Ohlins suspension, both with custom tuning to best suit the suspension characteristics. The HB.130 was designed around 29 “wheels without the option of using other formats. Freinage; Transmission; Éclairage; Roues; Poste de pilotage ? 2020 Hope HB.130 Frame Pack. See more details here: Filmed by Sam Needham Un axe de 17mm couplé à un entraxe de 130mm, voilà comment l’ensemble de ce Hope Bike gagne en rigidité. Le magazine Vélo Vert de novembre/decembre, Voir les autres news dans cette categorie. Weight: 13 kg claimed (it was not possible to verify it). Introducing the HB.130 FR - A replica of Hope's team’s race bike. At first glance, the HB.130 appears harmonious and elegant with a compact main triangle that can still accommodate a bottle up to 750cc. Sticker Vélo HOPE HB 130 pour Design et Restauration : Sticker extérieure résiste au intempérie, protection anti UV.. Le fruit de ce travail, c’est une boucle avant monocoque carbone aux fibres apparentes. In this area I must say that I had an excellent impression both for the behavior of the rear suspension that hardly sank in the travel and for the geometry that allowed me to remain seated centrally without having to exasperate myself trying to load the front. Au delà de cet aspect social, la marque anglaise a su profiter de son savoir-faire dans l’usinage CNC pour fabriquer ses propres moules et ainsi s’affranchir d’une production coûteuse. With great range in how colors can turn out depending on material batches, this is an arduous process, to say the least. The low weight, but not featherweight, of the bike and the relative smoothness of the Maxxis DHR 2.3 make the ascents on firm surfaces pleasant and smooth. Der Hinterbau ist mit 130 mm recht schmal gehalten. Tweet Copiez ce code html pour placer cette vidéo sur votre site, votre blog ou votre MySpace . Hope HB130 – Ultimate all-rounder! Meet the second bike from the Hope Technology bike works, the HB.130. Has anyone bought, tested, borrowed or other, this supposedly droolworthy thing? Si vous penchez pour l’option 160mm, patte et étrier ne font qu’un, un régal d’esthétisme. Promotions sur nos produits Mavic 2017. Avec des roues de 29 pouces et un débattement arrière de 130mm, le HB.130 est clairement plus orienté all-mountain que son grand frère. Chaussure haut de gamme XC, la Charge Pro est le fleuron chez Giant. In the test I didn’t notice any noise from contact inside the frame. Doddy, the Hope team mechanic, prepared an HB.130 in … But the drive-side flange is just as far from the hub center, giving you the same stiffness as boost but with perfectly even spoke tension. Detail of the dropouts made from solid, oversized 17mm axles with internal and external hex wrenches. FORUM Das Hope Tech HB.160 ist ein Stück britische Handwerkskunst und bis auf wenige Ausnahmen ein reines Hope-Stück. BH a ainsi développé une gamme de vélos électriques pour toutes les pratiques et notamment le VTTAE (mais également pour la Ville). Comparez les modèles de vélo Hope sur le Guide VTT 2018 The Hope HB.130 is a 29er, mid-travel carbon bike that’s billed as the ultimate all-rounder, and is sure to be at the top of every riders wish list!. Saddle height (saddle-bottom bracket): 78cm. La marque anglaise revoit sa copie sur la géométrie de ce HB 130 en mettant de côté ses idées « conservatrices » et en s’inscrivant dans la tendance. Frame kit: € 4700 including FOX DPX2, or Ohlins TTX22, hubs, headset, seat clamp and bottom bracket. Meet the second bike from the Hope Technology bike works, the HB.130. It’s difficult to pigeon hole the HB.130 in a very specific category. Hope HB 130 29er mountain bike Ex Demo . En 2000, Hope Tech décide de cesser son activité de sous-traitance afin de se consacrer à 100% à la branche vélo. I moved the shock lever to the “trail” position but the difference is really almost imperceptible. Geräuschlos und willig bewegt sich das Hope HB-160 vorwärts. Hope hb 130 , Model d'expo et test , le vélo à 189 km donc comme neuf . Das neue Hope HB 160 steht auf Reifen im 27,5 Zoll-Format. Enduro. The HB.130 must therefore be understood as a product in its own category. À peine deux ans après la sortie du HB 160 en 27,5’’, Hope Tech casse de nouveau les codes en présentant une version 130 mm en 29’’ axée sur la polyvalence. Slender lines that go against the trend compared to other brands take advantage of the features offered by carbon fibers to create oversized box sections, especially in the bottom bracket and steering area. Avec JUJU CONAN derrière le cintre, les roulements vont bien chauffer ! On the climbs on asphalt I appreciated the possibility of closing the fork’s compression, which has a much more noticeable effect than on the shock. VTT / Vélo Tout Terrain; hope; Hope hb 130 2020; Hope hb 130 2020. La firme britannique boucle la boucle en 2017 en commercialisant le HB 160, tout premier cadre de la marque entièrement réalisé au sein de l’usine maison. Louis Salaun other Video Published 28 February 2018 . In Scotland we have tested various types of trails and terrain. Hope have a reputation of doing things their way and that was certainly the case with the HB160 Rosie tested three years ago in the French Alps. In the low position, the bottom bracket is lowered by 6mm. “The HB.130 is the second bike to come from our Barnoldswick Factory and October 2020 sees the launch of a number revisions to the spec and models of the bike. Doddy, the Hope team mechanic, prepared an HB.130 in a size L mounted with an Ohlins fork and shock. Born, once again out of a desire to build a bike they wanted to ride, the engineers and designers have managed to create a bike that they believe is an ultimate all-rounder.Hope wanted a bike to … Long reach combined with a short stem and above all a steep 76° seat angle. Während sich das erste Bike der Fräskünstler aus Barnoldswick noch hauptsächlich an echte Hope-Liebhaber (Testbericht Hope HB160)richtete, wollen die Briten mit dem HB.130 eine deutlich breitere Käuferschicht ansprechen. Il aura fallu 3 moules avant de sortir cette version définitive du HB 130 et autant vous dire qu’il s’agit d’un réel travail d’orfèvre, à raison de 5 heures de main-d’œuvre pour la pièce gauche et de 7 heures pour la pièce droite ! Designed, tested and produced in house at the new Hope bike works carbon facility in conjunction with Hope’s amazing machining skills. Mais oui c'est vrai, le VTT Hope "HB 160" est en test et en vente chez BIKE & TEST. The aluminum rear triangle has chainstays machined from a solid mass, and seatstays that have a central section in extruded aluminum with a triangular section. I would be curious to test the HB.130 on alpine trails, but I think that as an all-rounder, it would be great. The HB.130 easily climbs everywhere and in the downhills will keep you grinning. Beskrivelse Hope HB.130 Carbon Full Suspension. Nouveau Disponible en magasin; Beernem; Contacter le vendeur. Hope has aligned itself with many of the latest trends. The limit can be found or at least perceived with an increase in speed and in the size of the obstacles. Das Besondere daran: Der Carbon-Hauptrahmen sowie der gefräste Alu-Hinterbau des 29ers werden in … I must say that I did not find a very measured difference, but I believe that to perceive it, it would have been necessary to repeat the same trail several times changing the settings every time, something that was not possible for due to limitations on time. An exciting update is the option to run the 2021 Hope HB.130 mullet-style, switching out the 29″ rear wheel for a 27.5″. ITINERARI, Mountain bike magazine: news, test, gare, mercatino, foto, video e molto altro ancora legato al mondo della bici fuoristrada, Frame material: Carbon, billet aluminum rear end, Suspension system: 4 link bars with Horst joint, Adjustable geometry: yes (+ – 0.5 °) by flip chip, Boost: No, they use their own 130x17mm system, Drivetrain: 1 × 12 with 30T chainring / 175 mm cranks. The Fox 36 is replaced by an Öhlins M2 fork up front and controlling the rear wheel’s terrain behaviour, is a TTX coil shock, configured with a. Hope s’affranchit des standards et s’offre la liberté de repenser le placement de sa base arrière afin d’améliorer la ligne de chaîne et de rapprocher le disque et l’étrier de frein des rayons. VTT/TEST/ HOPE HB.160. Hope … Born, once again out of a desire to build a bike they wanted to ride, the engineers and designers have managed to create a bike that they believe is an ultimate all-rounder.Hope wanted a bike to … This solution reduces the total width of the rear end of rear triangle to provide more space for your heels. L’histoire de Hope Technology démarre à la fin des années 80 en tant que sous-traitant dans l’usinage d’outils et de fixations destinés à des entreprises aérospatiales locales. MAGAZINE Wer es kauft, wird zum Hoffnungsträger, falls ihr versteht, was wir meinen. Le Hope HB130 est ultra sain. Tel: +44 (0) 1282 851400 C'est beau ! Dessus y'a un kit déco custom , possible de changer de couleur . VTT/TEST/ HOPE HB.160 . Wer sich gerne von der Masse abheben möchte, ein agiles und flinkes Bike sucht, ohne eine Performance-Einbuße in Kauf nehmen zu müssen, der liegt mit dem Hope vollkommen richtig. Vorne und hinten stehen Enduro-Piloten 160 mm Federweg zu Verfügung. BB18 5PX. When the Hope HB160 came out we were all impressed. 21 940 vues . Handcrafted for the ultimate ride. 2020 Large Ex Demo HB130 for sale was £6299 now £4400. Le cadre alterne 5 à 7 couches de carbone selon les contraintes de torsion et de résistance, mais usuellement il y a une première strate en 1K, une troisième en 3K, une cinquième en 5K, et certaines pièces comme celle accueillant l’amortisseur pouvant monter jusqu’à des couches en 10K. Mit dem HB.130 baut Hope für 2020 erstmals ein Trailbike. Comparer. Painted in-house, each layer is applied by hand, to give the the highest quality finish. Prix public 7 000 € Hope. Le triangle arrière est en aluminium fraisé et collé. Ligesom HB.130 blev den født udefra et ønske om at bygge en cykel vi selv gerne vil køre på, det er lykkedes vores ingeniører og designere at skabe en MTB som vi … Vidéo de vtt Publiée le le 21 août 2017 par 26in. View and share reviews, comments and questions on mountain bikes. A 780mm wide handlebar, 50mm stem and 470mm reach combined with a fairly steep saddle angle provided me with a position where it was easy to put weight on the front wheel. Ce dernier point est d’ailleurs l’une des principales nouveautés, puisque l’on retrouve comme sur le 160 une suspension Horst Link / 4 bar Linkage, le point de fixation de l’amortisseur se positionnant cependant sur cette version en 130 mm sous le top tube afin notamment de libérer de l’espace pour l’accueil d’un porte bidon. The Hope HB130 ,born once again out of a desire to build a bike that could defeat the technical climbs but still tackle the long decents, Hope have managed to create an ultimate all-rounder. The brand new bike from Hope Technology has officially launched! Cyklen er i sit element når der skal klatres op ad stejle bakker og bjergsider, på en”bike-hike” i … Bikesensation. Hope annonce plusieurs options afin de personnaliser un peu plus ce HB 130. The upper part of the rear triangle that is glued to the extruded intermediate sections of the seat stays. HB 160. Bei der Entwicklung hat man bei Hope ein spezielles Augenmerk darauf gerichtet, auch die Uphill-Qualität des schicken Bikes nicht stiefmütterlich … Hope HB 130. Possibilité d'options : The front triangle has a curvaceous, sleek look while the rear triangle retains that trademark Hope CNC look with beautifully machined chain stays. Company Number: 02658410 VAT Number: GB 927176994 Registered Office: Hope Mill, Calf Hall Road, Barnoldswick, Lancashire. The trails, however, forced people to keep a very active riding style. Pour le reste des périphériques, la transmission SRAM XO1 12 vitesses, associées a un plateau en 30 dents, une selle SDG Radar HB Logo, une tige de selle télescopique FOX Transfer allant de 125 à 150mm selon la taille du cadre, ainsi que des pneumatiques MAXXIS Minion 2.5WT à l’avant et DHR 2.3 à l’arrière. The rear suspension has a 4 bar linkage with a Horst pivot, the link where the shock is located generates a lever ratio of 2.6. On the trail. Both on asphalt and then on the dirt road the HB.130 climbs well and the suspension does not oscillate. Check out this nifty video, featuring some stylish riding and a magnificent bike. Nous n’avons pas pu vérifier l’info, mais ce tout nouveau HB 130 est annoncé aux alentours des 13kg en taille M. L’option kit cadre est aussi possible et personnalisable pour la « modique » somme de 4 700€ ! Regarding the brake mount Hope returned on its senses compared to the radical solution used on the HB.160 which, albeit rational, limited the choice of brakes to only Hope products. Internal routing: there are two access ports in the steering area that are large enough to allow the cables to enter through a section of foam sheath to avoid flapping noises in the frame.

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