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Annual data series are interpolated from 5-year period data. Lukashenko was re-elected in 2001, in 2006, in 2010 and again in 2015. Les relations de l’UE avec la Biélorussie sont actuellement régies par 29 mesures visant à approfondir la politique européenne « d’engagement critique » avec la Biélorussie, agréées en janvier 2015 par les Etats-membres de l’Union européenne. (ed. While the freedom of worship is granted in the same article, religious organizations deemed harmful to the government or social order can be prohibited.[183]. [212] Gomel, with a population of 481,000, is the second-largest city and serves as the capital of the Homiel Voblast. In the 2020 presidential election the official result was 80% for Lukashenko again. [229] The modern era of Belarusian literature began in the late 19th century; one prominent writer was Yanka Kupala. Informations, maps and statistics of the populations and countries of the World. This led to a proposal that the Belarusian ruble be discontinued in favor of the Russian ruble (RUB), starting as early as 1 January 2008. Elle a également opéré un rapprochement avec la Chine, avec la signature en 2013 d’un « partenariat stratégique complet ». Nom officiel en français : République de Biélorussie Novelist. [71], The Belarusian People's Republic was the first attempt to create an independent Belarusian state under name "Belarus". [228], By the 16th century, Polotsk resident Francysk Skaryna translated the Bible into Belarusian. L’action consulaire : missions, chiffres-clés,, Les principaux candidats des partis d’opposition et les deux opposants membres du Parlement ont été empêchés de se présenter. [184] Regions are further subdivided into raions, commonly translated as districts (Belarusian: раён, Russian: район). An influential author who devoted his work to awakening the awareness of the catastrophes the country has suffered, was Ales Adamovich. [54], Incorporation into the Grand Duchy of Lithuania resulted in an economic, political and ethno-cultural unification of Belarusian lands. World Population Prospects 2019, Volume I: Comprehensive Tables (ST/ESA/SER.A/426). [142][143] Six months later amid an unprecedented economic crisis, activists utilized social networking to initiate a fresh round of protests characterized by wordless hand-clapping.[144]. [182], Belarus is divided into six regions (Belarusian: вобласць, Russian: о́бласть), which are named after the cities that serve as their administrative centers. Żeligowski later in his memoir which was published in London in 1943 condemned the annexation of the Republic by Poland, as well as the policy of closing Belarusian schools and general disregard of Marshal Józef Piłsudski's confederation plans by Polish ally. Countries and Territories of the World (Population), Discover the Most Beautiful Spots of the World, Share the Most Beautiful Architecture Pictures, Share the Most Beautiful Pictures of the World. Il s’agit de Hanna Kanapatskaya, élue du Parti civil uni, et d’Alena Anisim, candidate indépendante. He was named by Svetlana Alexievich, the Belarusian winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature 2015, as "her main teacher, who helped her to find a path of her own". Les deux pays entretiennent des relations étroites à tous les niveaux, stratégique et militaire, économique et commercial, douanier et financier ou encore juridique et culturel. The unemployment rate, according to government statistics, was 1.5% in 2005. [235][236], Marc Chagall was born in Liozna (near Vitebsk) in 1887. This is a list of United States of America states by population as of 2019. Exportations françaises (de la France vers la Biélorussie) (2018) = 184,7 M€ [78][79][80] After an early period of liberalization, tensions between increasingly nationalistic Polish government and various increasingly separatist ethnic minorities started to grow, and the Belarusian minority was no exception. [...] Lire la suite, Le président Alexandre Loukachenko accorde sa grâce, « pour raisons humanitaires », aux six derniers prisonniers politiques détenus dans le pays, parmi lesquels figure l’ancien président du Parti social-démocrate Mikola Statkevitch, arrêté au soir de l’élection présidentielle controversée [...] Lire la suite, Les présidents russe Vladimir Poutine, biélorusse Alexandre Loukachenko et kazakh Noursoultan Nazarbaïev signent à Astana (Kazakhstan) le traité créant l'Union économique eurasiatique, qui se veut le pendant oriental de l'Union européenne. Chef de l’Etat : Alexandre Loukachenka (élu en 1994, réélu en 2001, 2006, 2010 et le 11 octobre 2015), Superficie : 207 600 km² During this period, Anatoly Bogatyrev, creator of the opera In Polesye Virgin Forest, served as the "tutor" of Belarusian composers. Capitale : Minsk ", "Foreign Secretary expresses UK concern following Belarus elections", "The official Internet portal of the President of the Republic of Belarus. Comment réagir en cas d’imprévu à l’étranger ? [51], In the 9th century the territory of modern Belarus became part of Kievan Rus', a vast East Slavic state ruled by the Rurikid dynasty. [183], Each raion has its own legislative authority, or raion council, (Belarusian: раённы Савет Дэпутатаў, Russian: районный Сове́т Депутатов) elected by its residents, and an executive authority or raion administration appointed by higher executive powers. For other uses, see. [150] In response, the Belarusian government called the assessment "quite far from reality". Indice de développement humain : 0,796 (52ème, classement PNUD 2015), PIB = 59,6 Md USD (Banque mondiale, 2018) At the time of the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, Belarus was one of the world's most industrially developed states by percentage of GDP as well as the richest CIS member-state.[188]. [117], Natural resources include peat deposits, small quantities of oil and natural gas, granite, dolomite (limestone), marl, chalk, sand, gravel, and clay. In the 1990s, however, industrial production plunged due to decreases in imports, investment, and demand for Belarusian products from its trading partners. [59] This union set in motion the developments that eventually resulted in the formation of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, created in 1569 by the Union of Lublin. He garnered 45% of the vote in the first round and 80%[99] in the second, defeating Vyacheslav Kebich who received 14% of the vote. The law was compared with serfdom by Lukashenko himself. [180] Belarus first began to cooperate with NATO upon signing documents to participate in their Partnership for Peace Program in 1995. In 2015, 39.3% of Belarusians were employed by state-controlled companies, 57.2% were employed by private companies (in which the government has a 21.1% stake) and 3.5% were employed by foreign companies. [1] 2019) Répartition urbains-ruraux population urbaine : 78,1 % (2018) population rurale : 29,9 % (2018) ... 17 novembre 2019 • Biélorussie • Élections législatives. The currency was introduced in May 1992 to replace the Soviet ruble and it has undergone redenomination twice since then. Sourds ? Kazulin was detained and beaten by police during protests surrounding the All Belarusian People's Assembly. [104] However, political scientist Mikhail Vinogradov explained that "Lukashenko will play tough to the public while trying to look weak in front of Putin," and the Carnegie Moscow Center's Artyom Shraibman suggested that "Moscow will most likely fail to find its base among Belarusians. The significance of this act was not immediately clear; some incorrectly speculated that Putin would become president of a unified state of Russia and Belarus after stepping down as Russian president in May 2008. 53,5 (%) in 2019. Belarus Imposes Fines for Being Unemployed – News", "Banknotes and Coins of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus", "Belarus abandons pegging its currency to Russian ruble", "Международное обозначение белорусского рубля меняется на BYN после деноминации – Новости республики – Минский район-Минск-Новости Минска-Новости Минского района-Минский райисполком", "Новости – Официальный интернет-портал Президента Республики Беларусь", "Heritage Foundation's Index of Economic Freedom – Belarus", With economy in tatters, Belarus appeals to IMF for rescue loan of up to $8 billion. The judicial system in Belarus lacks independence and is subject to political interference. During that time, Germany destroyed 209 out of 290 cities in the republic, 85% of the republic's industry, and more than one million buildings. [162] Travel bans imposed by the European Union have been lifted in the past in order to allow Lukashenko to attend diplomatic meetings and also to engage his government and opposition groups in dialogue. Policies of Polonization[64] changed by Russification,[65] which included the return to Orthodox Christianity of Belorusian Uniates. The growth rate is much lower than for the economy as a whole—about 1.9% in 2014. Several poets and authors went into exile after the Nazi occupation of Belarus and would not return until the 1960s. Darya Domracheva is a leading biathlete whose honours include three gold medals at the 2014 Winter Olympics.[243]. Bieder, H. (2000): Konfession, Ethnie und Sprache in Weißrußland im 20. Statistically, the Byelorussian SSR was the hardest-hit Soviet republic in World War II; it remained in Nazi hands until 1944. [183], Each region has a provincial legislative authority, called a region council (Belarusian: абласны Савет Дэпутатаў, Russian: областно́й Сове́т Депутатов), which is elected by its residents, and a provincial executive authority called a region administration (Belarusian: абласны выканаўчы камітэт, Russian: областно́й исполнительный комите́т), whose chairman is appointed by the president. The world's two most populated countries, China and India, together constitute about 36% of the world's population. Prezydent Białorusi chce zakazać kołchoźnikom odchodzić z pracy", "In chase of upgrade: serfdom for woodworkers? They were decorated with ornate patterns influenced by the neighboring cultures: Poles, Lithuanians, Latvians, Russians, and other European nations. Pourcentage de la population sous le seuil de pauvreté : 5,1% (Banque mondiale, 2015) Taux d’inflation : 11,8% (Banque mondiale, 2016) Principaux clients : Russie, Ukraine, Pays-Bas, Allemagne Principaux fournisseurs : Russie, Allemagne, Chine, Ukraine, Pologne Exportations françaises (de la France vers la Biélorussie) (2018) = 184,7 M€ Les vingt et un autres élus sont membres de partis politiques progouvernementaux, comme le Parti communiste – 11 élus. [209][210], According to the National Statistical Committee, as of January 2016[update], the population was 9.49 million. Pour plus d’informations sur les sanctions :, Suivre le ministère sur les réseaux sociaux, Tous droits réservés - Ministère de l’Europe et des Affaires étrangères - 2020, Malentendants ? [91] This policy involved sending Russians from various parts of the Soviet Union and placing them in key positions in the Byelorussian SSR government. Anyone from outside the Duchy gaining rights to a property would actually own it only after swearing allegiance to the Grand Duke of Lithuania. [49] Cimmerians and other pastoralists roamed through the area by 1,000 BC, and by 500 AD, Slavs had taken up residence, which was circumscribed by the Scythians who roamed its outskirts. Therefore they may not reflect real events as much as observed data. Ethnologue: Languages of the World, Fifteenth edition. [190][191] Important agricultural products include potatoes and cattle byproducts, including meat. [164] Diplomatic relations remained tense, and in 2004, the United States passed the Belarus Democracy Act, which authorized funding for anti-government Belarusian NGOs, and prohibited loans to the Belarusian government, except for humanitarian purposes. [157] However, the future of the union has been placed in doubt because of Belarus's repeated delays of monetary union, the lack of a referendum date for the draft constitution, and a dispute over the petroleum trade. The Byelorussian SSR was one of the two Soviet republics that joined the United Nations along with the Ukrainian SSR as one of the original 51 members in 1945. It existed from only 1918 to 1919 but created prerequisites for the formation of the state idea around the name "Belarus". In the 19th century, Polish composer Stanisław Moniuszko composed operas and chamber music pieces while living in Minsk. 2019) Densité (hab./km 2) 45.7 (estim. [176] Demographic decreases in the Belarusians of conscription age have increased the importance of contract soldiers, who numbered 12,000 in 2001. Religions : orthodoxes 75% (Patriarcat de Moscou – 5 millions de fidèles, Eglise autocéphale –300 000 fidèles), catholiques 20% (romains – 2 millions de fidèles, de rite grec – 200 000 fidèles), protestants 2% (baptistes, évangéliques), juifs 1%, musulmans 1% Statutes were initially issued in the Ruthenian language alone and later also in Polish. Around 1840 the Statutes were banned by the Russian tsar following the November Uprising. For the first time, he delivered a speech in Belarusian (rather than Russian, which most Belarusians speak as their primary language), in which he said, "We are not Russian—we are Belarusians", and later encouraged the use of Belarusian. [234] Rock music has become increasingly popular in recent years, though the Belarusian government has attempted to limit the amount of foreign music aired on the radio in favor of traditional Belarusian music.

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