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There are kiosks in the airport that some countries use for visa on arrival but if you have an e-visa you can bypass these kiosks and just go straight the passport control. 7. I am informed that, the period of temporary stay of foreigners and stateless persons in the country should not exceed the period specified in the e-Visa. Hi Lee did you manage to fix this? There’s one more byzantine hoop you may need to jump through (or rather, make your hotel jump through). If you want a laugh, check out the PDF advising you on how to fill out your form and count how many times they write “It is wrong!”. Contact the Azerbaijan MFA, the URL is here: http://www.mfa.gov.az/content/885 – and let me know what you find out . My passport is valid at least 6 (six) months after my departure date from Azerbaijan. If you have chosen exact arrival date on our website, it does not mean that you have to enter Azerbaijan on that date. By using this website, applicants acknowledge that they are not permitted to reuse, download, modify, copy or redistribute any part of the information included on evisa.com.az and also concedes to use the services provided by evisa.com.az strictly for their personal use. Hi Jim, when I visited in May 2018, I just showed them the printed e-visa and I received a small stamp upon entry and exit, like you would with any other country. Thanks for the blog – very useful. It doesn’t affect the visa application. Hi, Attention! Error message: Authentication failed () Please reply. I found Azerbaijan to be relatively affordable because the manat is lower than it used to be against the USD, but I have no experience with Pakistan rupees so I can’t really offer you a comparison. I am still don’t get it about my e visa valid from date and valid until date can you please explain to me. Hi Allison, your post is very Beneficial to lots of people traveling to Azerbaijan including myself. Please be aware that, in case of lacking or mistaken document or information, your application will be invalid and the payment for the invalid application is NOT refundable. I have a question regarding Name . Keep ahold of your confirmation e-mail in case any issues arise. The change was accepted quite quickly so as long as it is not last minute I wouldn’t worry too much. No need to attach any lab reports, just answer the question on the document. But if it’s rejected it’s really easy to make an amendment and only costs $5 to make a quick fix. All Rights Reserved. It is the responsibility of each user to ensure they are aware of the terms and conditions which apply whenever they decide to contract the services offered by evisa.com.az. Your blogs are really useful and I will follow-it! My passport is valid at least 6 (six) months after my departure date from Azerbaijan. Not every nationality is permitted to apply for an e-visa to Azerbaijan. Great article Allison. Your experience may vary for a variety of reasons; I’m just trying to share what I personally learned about the process. If it is found out that you illegally visited the Nagorno-Karabakh and other regions of the Republic of Azerbaijan occupied by the Republic of Armenia after 1991, you may not be allowed to enter the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan regardless of whether or not you have obtained an electronic visa. If you need to contact us for any reason you can do so at +994552551416 or via e-mail at [email protected] to speak to our professional customer service team at any time. Your passport has to be valid for, at least, 6 (six) months after your e-visa expires For more information on our confidentiality regulations, see our Privacy Policy. I’m planing to visit Baku in January 2019. No need to inform beforehand. Do you want to cancel applicant {n} and continue with other applicants? Did you figure it out? I read all the comments but no one seems to have had a problem with scanning their passport? I nearly fell for it! Hi Oliver – unfortunately I don’t know this. If the country of travel document registered on the e-visa is different than the passport carried, the e-Visa will be invalid. These changes may take effect immediately without prior notice. People with dual nationality should choose the nationality according to the passport to be used for the travel. Thanks. My friend told me that she had had her visa rejected several times. However, your stay cannot exceed 30 days. I have to the personal information part verified the visa and then it goes back to the first step … does this mean I have to wait for verification of anything ? Hi Bud, I’m not sure – please contact the MFA of Azerbaijan, I can’t answer specific questions! By travel document, we mean passports (for the citizens of specific countries). I didn’t have to pay any fees at the Baku Airport – just have your printed e-visa ready to go (you will have already paid the e-visa processing fees online). Some scam company with better SEO than the actual Azeri government runs a website that charges $65 for an Azerbaijan e-visa, when it actually costs $20 for the e-visa plus a $4 processing fee. If you plan to leave Azerbaijan to visit, say, other countries in the Caucasus and need to return, you will need to apply for and pay for another e-visa after leaving Azerbaijan. However, in order to use your second e-Visa, you have to leave Azerbaijan first and then re-enter to Azerbaijan territory. Le « e-Visa » est délivré dans les 3 jours ouvrables [14]. I would recommend contacting the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Azerbaijan (MFA) or your embassy in Azerbaijan for more details. The website only gives you single-entry Azerbaijan e-visas, which become used and invalid after you leave the country. Try re-sizing the image, perhaps? Allison is a full-time freelancer and travel blogger, exploring the world solo in pursuit of new and exciting adventures. I am going for 3 weeks please can u tell me how it works. I was not asked to show travel insurance but it always is a good idea to have it. 5. If that does not work for you, I would contact the MFA. We plan to arrive in Baku by plane in the morning and travel further by night train to Tbilisi the same day. My question are I be at the Baku when my e visa is expire .And did they give me stamp on my passport from the day I get to Baku for 30 days? Foreigners and stateless persons can apply for a new electronic visa only after leaving the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Unfortunately we also applied via the same site ….just a query were you able to get your evisa or had to reapply via official site? Please, be aware that your eVisa process will be started during our working hours. Hi Marsal, just the data page with your photo + personal details. Now that i have read the comments on your blog and looked up some info on google im more confused. Hello, It’s pretty easy for them to do this, you don’t really have to do anything other than give them your passport. May I ask how you crossed into Georgia from Azerbaijan as Lonely Planet’s account mentioned hassles (like being refused crossing if you arrive at the border by train) Where it asks for place of birth do you need to put the country too? Demande obligatoire pour les citoyens Français et Européens. I never travel without it. Hi Dorin, I think I just uploaded a JPG photo of my passport, but you could use a PDF converter if PDF is required. Sorry, due to technical fault your request cannot be processed. But once again I have a stupid question Lol I am going to BAKU on January 21 2020 and come back home USA February 3. I never had this problem – it seems like it’s a problem with Azerbaijan’s system, so I’d email the MFA (Their email is [email protected]). They likely will not let you board the plane. Hi Hadeel, without knowing your nationality or circumstance I can’t advise you on this. Hi Lauren! You will not be able to take a bus between Azerbaijan and Armenia, the border is closed. Do I have to pay any fees from Baku Airport? 1. Website users agree to be bound by the conditions detailed herein and understand that any infringements of these rights may result in legal proceedings towards them. Système de demande de visa électronique de la République de Turquie. evisa.com.az is responsible only for submitting the Azerbaijan e-Visa application on behalf of the applicant and cannot be held responsible for the result of said application, as approval is subject to the Azerbaijani government’s authorization. Fingers crossed for snow for you. You are going to apply for urgent visa out of our working ours. I feel my visa will be rejected. ); unanticipated failure in electricity supplies; fires; updates, technical difficulties or changes to the system, or other reasons. What I have to do if I have to stay 32 days instead of 30 days, Should I pay any charge fee for each day after 30 days or how it works, please let me know. I suppose I could apply for an additional urgent 3-hour visa once I enter Georgia just to be safe, but I’m not sure if I could apply for two e-visas within such a short amount of time. Please, check again your documents, which you have already attached, and make sure that every details are correct and follows the eVisa requirements. The information that you provide must match the information on your passport. I have two questions, one is If I am putting January 2nd, 2019 of my entry date then is it mandatory to enter on the same date or can I change my dates within the 3 months of valid visa period? I do believe you’d need to apply for a second visa and pay for urgent processing as far as I know since it is a single-entry visa only, or at least it was when I did it. You have been wonderful in providing the information and wish you the best! I would apply closer to your stay. I am doing the same. Sarah. I think the scans are read by people. If you have over a week in Georgia that would be enough time to apply for a new visa once you left but it would be tricky to time. Check the official government’s list of countries who can apply for an e-visa here. Standard e-Visa (Government fee + Service fee + Taxes + Online payment fee), Urgent e-Visa (Government fee + Service fee + Taxes + Online payment fee), {customer_country__formatted} / {processing_type__formatted}. evisa.com.az is not liable should the applicant receive a visa denial due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control. Is it necessary to book Airb&b first? As an Amazon Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Just be sure to register if you plan to stay 10 days or longer. What should I do, have I been scammed , I used 1000USD to process this visa and I’ve spent more than 1.6 million Naira for both the school admission and visa process. I am US citizen and If I have e visa and going to Baku. The warning about the Nagorno-Karabakh border and the order in which you visit these countries made me sit up straight. Hi Syed, I’m not sure – I only applied for myself. If not try the site I’ve given – it only takes 3 days to process and I think about 3 hours (business hours apply) if you apply urgently, but it does cost more. I was applying for e-visa but there i got an option where it states that i have to provide accommodation address where i will be staying in Azerbaijan. Additionally, in the case that the applicant’s e-Visa is denied by the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan, he/she accepts that nor the Azerbaijani Government, nor evisa.com.az is required to provide a reason. Still, there are a few things you should know to smooth out the process. You can enter Azerbaijan any date during the validity period (90 days) of your e-visa. I know my visa is expired March …so do I need to go and come back before expires my visa? Registration is free and your hotel should not charge you for it. 1. Sorry to hear that Brigitte. Hey I really need your help I did Apply For e visa and I did put all info and all I need to do is payment and when I put my credit card info they keep saying (. I personally visited Azerbaijan first, before Armenia. The website only gives you single-entry Azerbaijan e-visas, which become used and invalid after you leave the country. Keep an eye on your e-mail as you can’t fix it until you receive their e-mail. I am aware that, pursuant to the law, foreigners and stateless persons are held liable for staying in the country after the expiry of the time specified in the electronic visa and without being registered (when their stay exceeds 15 days). any idea, can i apply 2 e-visa at the same time to avoid risk of later not getting e-visa on time or what should i do? I am going to BAKU January 2020 … do you think it’s too early for apply for visa. Good day, I am from Nigeria , I applied for an Azerbaijan visa and they sent me a soft copy from their embassy in Egypt. Monday - Sunday (09:00 - 18:00). I have some stuff on Nakhchivan if you make it there and a blog post on Baku. I’m a US citizen planning to spend two weeks in Azerbaijan. My travel date is 30th October, so I have ample of time. As an American with major passport privilege, I always get stressed out when it comes to applying for visas. Hello Alison, thank you so very much for such a helpful post. Recommandé par le Routard et Lonely Planet: Plus de 27355 avis récents, indépendants et positifs. Carte Ambassade d’Azerbaïdjan en Algérie Pas d’ambassade en Algérie pour le moment Formalités Les ressortissants algériens ont besoin d’un visa pour se rendre en Azerbaïdjan L’Azerbaïdjan n’a pas d’ambassade établie en Algérie pour le moment, ce qui signifie que les demandes de visa pour le pays ne peuvent pas être […] I haven’t booked the hotel or AirB&B yet. I’m glad I found your blog, if I ever get to that part of the world, I will remember your advices, thanks! evisa.com.az reserves the right to temporarily suspend its services in case of any of the following situations: for system maintenance, whether urgent or necessary; natural disasters (floods, earthquakes, tidal waves, etc.) I am planning to visit Azerbaijan in the near future and this post helps me a lot. Thank you for your article. Thank you, I crossed on foot using transport from a private taxi between the Balakan-Matsimi border crossing between Sheki and Tbilisi. Other travel documents are not acceptable for an e-Visa application. I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to then stay at it, but that said, I don’t think anyone would check to ensure you maintained your booking. Users who contract the services offered by evisa.com.az and complete the Azerbaijan e-Visa application form will be referred to throughout as “the applicant;” the use of “us,” “our,” or “we” refers to evisa.com.az. The following is a list of the restrictions and prohibited activities for users of evisa.com.az: evisa.com.az reserves the right to modify or remove content regarding the services offered, management methods and conditions, at any time, without being required to provide advanced notice. But if you plan to visit a second place in Azerbaijan, or if you are planning on staying more than 9 days, you will need to register. do we require Travel insurance? evisa.com.az will offer a full refund (except e-Visa Government fee) to all users who have submitted their application through this website in the event that their online e-Visa application is denied by the Government of Azerbaijan. Hi Jan it may have changed to be 15 days, but either way, if you are staying for 3 weeks you have to ask your hotel to help you register. or public disturbances (strikes, riots, war, etc. Attention! This information may be used in the following ways: evisa.com.az will not share, send, sell or publish any information provided by the user to third parties without express consent unless required by law or to defend or pursue legal action. I would like to ask you, in the website they ask for a photo passport (the 2 first pages, in colour) or a pdf version?

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