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The hotel itself looks OK but it's inconvenient (afaics), and in quite a gritty area. It is a useless London area with too many illiterate, materialistic, money-obsessive wannabe gangsters run by a useless Labour MP (Andy Love) and his equally crappy Labour Council.Edmonton = Tottenham = Peckham = Harlesden = Brixton = Stonebridge Park = Acton = Birmingham = Stevenage = Luton = Liverpool = Blackburn = Bradford(all these areas are crap and making other areas around them equally crap, with high welfare dependency, overpopulation, ugly council blocks, unemployment, uncivilised single parent mothers (with 3 or more degenerate spoilt children with multiple absent fathers), poor schools/health services, same parade of shops (cheap takeaways, betting shops, charity shops, halal meat). Poverty creates crime and gp is just many products of our society most of these kids have great talents that get overlooked because of social bias. Luckily for me I know the people In church road, therefore I'm safe. However, many are unaware of how dangerous this London town is. Statistics Pic Via. Peckham is a rough-and-ready area of inner suburban (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? (Peckham boys? ) I finally had the sense to get the hell out of there. There's just gang wars in custom house, Forest Gate, Beckon, Stratford and Plaistow due to murders and stabbing. ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g){document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);})(function(){ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-84368559', '');}, 'log_autolink_impression');London is a safe place. Shaba Hair and Cosmetics in Rye Lane sold the banned cosmetics, which contain harmful chemicals, to undercover officers on two occasions. UCKG Soup Kitchens - not “caring for our community” - but preying on homeless and vulnerable in Finsbury Park, Stamford Hill, Edmonton, Kilburn, Plaistow, Peckham, Catford, Croydon and Leeds UCKG (Universal Church of the Kingdom of God) are a dangerous religious cult masquerading as an organisation “helping” (=brainwashing) homeless and people in need. Selling drugs and owning guns. As someone who lives in Peckham and grew up in Brixton, the risk of violent crime (presumably what is meant by ‘dangerous’) is very low. Once I walked past a shop and saw a male laid out with ambulance aiding him. Hallelujah! The issue is convenience for the sights and for getting to and fro with a small child who will need times to feed and sleep. The high street is okay and nice but then you have South Kilburn. Possibly one of London’s most famous gaffes for pie, mash and liquor, M. Manze is one spot you should definitely stop at while in Peckham – if for nothing else but for the chance to dine on that famous London meal of jellied eels. I literally saw this guy in BROAD daylight handing a pouch of cocaine to some other dude, shady (made sure not to stare).This other time I got a new deck for my skateboard and went down to Ladywell park to try it out, on the way back I saw these three guys wearing gloves and black bandanas round their face. Home to the North Peckham estate this district is among the most impoverished in London and has become a breeding ground for gang violence. According to a friend from Stockwell on the police force, the crime is mainly gang on gang.I find Stockwell a charming community with an identity, a small town feeling of sorts. I lived in Tottenham for seven years. I've lived in edmonton for 11 years, and I have seen many crimes taking place. I'm from north chingford where there is a high percentage of youth however you don't really see them around at all. Firefighters are warning of the dangers of leaving cooking unattended after a fire at a flat on Bournemouth Road in Peckham. Actually reflecting & writing about it. I've never heard anything to do with any crimes other than young people from the local secondary school trying out drugs such as weed. Bus 18 runs 24 h to central London. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in United Kingdom. It's full of chavs, not that chavs are bad people but in South Kilburn they have a bad reputation. I've lived in Edmonton for 16 years and I feel like the only Englishman living there. The new pub Old Oak on high street is great with gastro pub food. Facebook Twitter Whatsapp Reddit Skype Telegram. However after a night in Stoke Newington/Hackney & felt very unsafe. It's not a prosperous area, which some non-Londoners confuse with 'dangerous', but I'm happy to walk around there at any time of day or night. 7) Haringey . But get on their wrong side, and your one way ticket to hell is delivered. I remember this one birthday I got a new a bike, so I took it round the place for a test drive. Trust me. Thank God I no longer do... Full of gangs, I've seen them beat up a child, and heard they've stabbed people, worse area I've ever lived in so far. Honestly I can't imagine growing up anywhere else, and wouldn't be where I am today and achieved what I have if I'd lived elsewhere. London is dangerous only at night, with some exceptions (Brixton, Tottenham, Edmonton, Hackney, Peckham). Lambeth is infested with crime, gang/gun/drug culture and degenerate broken single parent (no fathers, but 5-10 kids) in the Borough. Sure, it's different in Brixton than Richmond, but I would avoid even going on Kensington High Street, etc. <<. We might seldom take a public transportation because we have a 9yr-old baby. I'm not saying at all that Harlesden is any better than the way he described it, it's A PLACE but it also has a lot of characters and there are many people that will love you. Safe area just don't snitch or be nosey, liable to get it chopped off. I mainly see elder people. How about (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? Getting worse, lots of young men that want to hurt each other, this includes Highams Park. And this was during the day.I've been to many countries with many known bad neighborhoods, but Hackney gave me this feeling of unsafe that I haven't experienced anywhere else. The thugs here are not all talk, they will kill, shoot or stab whenever they find fit. Two men stabbed last month. It was almost as if someone wanted me stabbed. Peckham is a rough-and-ready area of inner suburban London, although parts of it are gentrifying, and it is well off the usual tourist trails.I there any reason you specifically want to stay at that hotel? Community is rich and it feels great. (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? more. Don't do police round here. Home News. If you give people an idea of budget (£/night) sugestions may be possible but otherwise have a look at budget chains like Premier Inn or Travelodge in more central locations, assuming you're intending to sightsee. Drugs, drugs, shooting, stabbings, even the white kids are terrible here. I still have a lot of relatives and cousins living there, so I'm in Edmonton regularly and I still no not feel safe. Forest Gate is for losers! I always saw gangs of 14-20 odd year olds walking around the streets thinking they own the place. The famous borough is home to the Shard, Globe Theater, the Imperial War Museum and the Tate Modern. Bullet proof off licence...dealers everywhere...no police presence- lawless scum pit. ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g){document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);})(function(){ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-84367338', '');}, 'log_autolink_impression');PITA to travel around from with a baby. Re: Most Dangerous Places To Live In London Online Poll,Peckham No 1 by Nobody: 4:06pm On Apr 28, 2015 2. Obviously not Chelsea etc but does have beautiful areas. At the 2001 Census the Peckham ward had a population of 14,720. Literally around this same big ass tower as before. The city has been hit by an epidemic of knife crime, with the murder rate even overtaking that of New York for a short period in February and March last year.. I've not experienced many violent people round here though myself, but it is a dangerous place if you don't know Kilburn that well. I'm not sure I understand why you won't take public transport. I had to go through custom house and gangly looking people gave me looks. Lived on GP for 5 years...saw sooo many bad things. Thank you guys for your time. Still not really convenient for schlepping into central London with a baby though, What is your budget per night in GB Pounds please? Peckham is a rough-and-ready area of inner suburban London, although parts of it are gentrifying, and it is well off the usual tourist trails.I there any reason you specifically want to stay at that hotel? They were knocked down and built into houses. Is Peckham dangerous? Reading the comments and releasing what negative connotations people have or Tottenham nearly brought tears to my eyes. But then this is why I'm sure no one has heard of it. I lived in Kilburn and couldn’t wait to move out as I child I was raised here but South Kilburn is a thiefdom all of its own. At night time. Croydon is changing constantly and street wise is essential not to be robbed or stabbed. Overall I think a lot of areas ranked lower in this list are a lot worse than Tottenham, as long as you mind your own business and don't go walking down Tottenham High Road at 11pm with your phone in your hand no one will bother you. I was born in camden and moved to Canada a while back and every story I have heard is always about crime. A new addition to the top 10 most dangerous boroughs list, last year 33,446 were committed in Brent – with 11,374 violence against the person offences. >>The only issue is that the Best Western isn't in the best location for the area - you are close to Camberwell Art school and the South London Gallery (which has a nice cafe) but not great for transport links and isn't in the heart of the area (it's almost in Camberwell). In my opinion all of inner London is much ‘safer’ than many of the relatively deprived towns in other parts of the country. We might be able to suggest something more convenient. Nuke Edmonton. Peckham (/ ˈ p ɛ k əm /) is a district of south London, England, within the London Borough of Southwark.It is 3.5 miles (5.6 km) south-east of Charing Cross. It has a lively bar and restaurant scene which means, providing you're actually staying in Peckham and not some borderline district, you … I lived in forest gate for a few years back in the 70's & 80's. Avoid! Yes, it is rather dangerous, especially at night. From my window I can see Ghurkin, the Shard and the new Skyscrapers down the City Road, including the Wafer. I'm an American who has lived in Stockwell half the year for the last 6 years. But in the end I've lived my whole life so I love forest gate E7, Stayed with my partner here for just over a year now. it's not a good place for teenagers to grow up in. They have nothing to lose and enjoy causing pain on to other and would do anything to money more even if it means murder. Some people tried to take over our house, my dad was abducted and nearly killed then dropped into the middle of an intersection, everybody's been mugged a few times, on my second birthday a drug dealer was killed by his kids outside my old house. A new addition to the top 10 most dangerous boroughs list, last year 33,446 were committed in Brent – with 11,374 violence against the person offences. The 18 bus is unreliable (two or three would come within a few minutes of one another and then none for the next 10 minutes, long waiting time for driver change on both direction near Willesden Junction station) Local high street looks like third world with rubbish lying around and smell of urine at every street corner. They are violent and don't care. I met so many people who were plain nuts! Visiting and living in an area are two different things. In Peckham you've got poor people, predominantly black gentle working class dudes, but no major probs, a good community and quite proudly tight... Hackney is dodgy as well, middle class allegedly artists but in truth crackheads and coke hounds... but the worst ever is the West end, Wood Green, Bounds Green and even Soho, there are more dangerous places in Soho than all London... loads of coke hounds, aggressive and limitlessly aggressive. Steer clear of deeper parts of South Kilburn, especially at night or in the early hours of the morning (12am, 4am, etc.). But if your talking about areas like Castlehaven, Sommers Town, Queens Creasent...then yes Camden can be dangerous with high levels of deprecation, a big drugs problem and many built up, rough estates. (If it's coming in cheap, there's usually a reason for that). It was a horrible place then and it is still is now. Avoid! ...more. But unless one is a gang member, the typical crime (according to local police and my own experience) is a mobile ...more. West Croydon was probably the worst effected area in the Riots, guess why? Dagenham used to be great area before decade later that it became a hotspot for crime. Overall its very quite and a safe place to live in. The only reason there are a lot of shooting and stabbing is obviously to to with gangs OF ALL RACES smh and trappin and loosing drugs and not because it's a bad place like any other places it gas difficulties. Jean Charles De Menezes was wrongly targeted as a terrorist and wrongly shot to death by under cover police officers inside Stockwell Tune Station. Seen a number of three people get shot on a main road the kids looked young as 14. (2) Lewisham is a gangster's paradise with guns/drugs/knifes & gang culture. Haringey is a North London borough that sits between Inner London and Outer London (with different … 2.5K Likes for part two? Bare in mind that Clarence road is literally what it is a road, not a big one. Neither this road was given the name murder mile for a reason. Peckham. (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? London's most dangerous area: Westminster This borough has the highest crime rate not only in London but in the entire nation with 1,580 crimes reported per km 2 in a year. Stonebridge Estates don't exist anymore. Stay away because it's your best option for you and the people you love. Kids Go to school with knives and hang about in groups teasing people if you know people your safe else there will be one or more incidents with you please stay safe but in general the gangs in tulse hill are kinder then other areas on of the most safe area in the whole list. The aim of this article is to provide a brief overview of street level crime in Peckham using the latest Police statistics. I've lived & worked all over London. Then there was a big thing with … Help with a large ballroom wedding in London!! The gang is particularly prominent for its members prolific activity in music. One is shaggin a bird that thinks she the cat's meow. Oh my goodness. Be careful after dark in the hight street of West Croydon, London Road. Gorgeous and diverse of the day. Its … The difference here is it's not gang crime, it's the people with no will to live but the courage to have shoot outs with police. Impromptu cricket game on London street draws crowd after 10pm curfew. Young adults & young kids caught up in homicides, stabbings, shootings, kidnapping, and drug dealing. Absolutely avoid places in Becontree, Barking etc... during nighttime and avoid shortcuts like in allyway and parks and depressed neighbourhood. People get mugged everyday and stabbed too often. It has mediocre dodgy shops, ugly pigeon crap infrastructure, dodgy ugly looking Council Estates, overpopulation, high unemployment, broken uneducated families and 3rd public services. I have lived here now sixteen years, born and raised, luckily I am alive but there is no way I'm raising my kids here. According to statistics from 2018, there were a total of 38,559 crimes recorded in the Southwark, making the borough one of the most dangerous areas in London. Its very quiet and has beautiful houses. This estate is terrible! But is it weird that I'm proud Harlesden was on this list? A lot of people say it's dangerous, most of them have never been to Harlesden. Lived for a year and a half in UK. Barking is a crap place to live, filled with crime, thugs, ghettos, high welfare dependency and unemployment is at double-digits courtesy of the local Labour Party Council and its longest serving MP, Margaret Hodge. Is this area okay to stay at? Also, the majority of the people I grew up with are either in the prison system or in the process of doing something stupid to go back in. Too many temples mosques no English people too be seen tells you a lot about the area mostly loads of Indians living there high street north is peppered with bookies and takeaways the area around the station is littered with gangs of Eastern European men usually drunk and off there heads on drugs and drink keep away if you want too live. I have almost been stabbed in Tulse Hill and I live here. Absolutely must be Brixton!My father stayed outside the Brixton Academy (I was at a concert) and he's lucky he's a pretty big guy (6' 4", 360 lbs) so people didn't try to rob him or beat him up...there were constantly blacks asking him for change or drugs, or if he wants to "buy"...even after the concert, tons of blacks approaching me and others asking for something, probably trying to rip you off...stay out of there unless necessary. It was 2014, I was going to a convention in ExCeL. The community is mostly Asian and I get blatant stares I assume because I am a white woman. Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, and Bath from London, Warner Bros. It was named the Least Peaceful Area in the UK last year and I'm not suprise because:(1) Its run poorly by a Labour (socialist) Council since 1971 & Three Labour MPs (Jim Dowd, Heidi Alexander & Joan Ruddock). I will soon move out to live with my partner outside London, but I surely will be sad to leave. There are better communities in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia & Libya than in soulless Edmonton. Peckham is less dodgy than Bricklane and Stoke Newington... and I talk about experience, I've been strangled almost to death in front of Bethnal green road's Tesco. They are completely dependant on government handouts. Stabbings alone are high enough to make you want to relocate. It might sound surprisingly, but in fact young school people carrying knives, mocking strangers and police closing their eyes on it. It's run by Woodgrange man aka blue blocks or blue gang. One of the most notorious areas in Southwark is Peckham. I think there's a prominent and growing problem of drugs and especially weed in the area. Earlier a boy was stabbed around the Eastbrook area and on the same day a 9 year old boy was knocked down in a hit and run, luckily neither died, but it just goes to show the kind of area Dagenham is, the fact that crimes like these are the norm. With towns like Peckham, Bermondsey, Camberwell that house low-income families on cramped, dilapidated housing estates, this is another area where gang culture is deep-rooted. Because the youths here have nothing to lose.

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