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It’s not the fans’ fault that juries favour English-speaking songs too much.It’s technically in TG4’s mandate to promote Irish on TV so they won’t change course anytime soon. It was a well produced, slick and upbeat song with a very catchy sound. And Australia’s Jael made us all feel like champions.Unfortunately, and despite all the immense talent on display, only one act could win. A post shared by wiwibloggs (@wiwibloggs) on Nov 25, 2018 at 9:23am PST. 12 songs that were released before being selected for Eurovision,Consolation prize – TVP promises that Poland’s act will perform at Opole Song Festival if Junior Eurovision 2020 is cancelled,New music this week: 20 songs from Philipp Kirkorov, Cleo, Anna Bergendahl and more,Lyrics in focus: Alicja sings about searching for her place in the world in latest song “Gdzies”,New music this week: 20 songs from LOBODA, Donny Montell, Alicja and more,Don’t “Fall From the Sky”! On Friday, after all countries had completed their second rehearsals, fans all over the world were invited to cast their votes. The amount of childrens’ influence in the results of JESC through the existing combination of online vote and jury is more than just about any other music contest.Who says a kid can’t appreciate a song much more than an adult? After all, some if not most of these children are starting to pursue a career in music, and must be judged based on what they can deliver from now on so they can improve. France (my personal favorite, still a very good result) 3. The jury’s rewarded that.Poland whilst a suprise deserves to win and we shouldn’t be negative about it. The jury vote, overrating the basic generic English songs from Australia and Malta, was very dreadful to watch. Le pays est à cheval sur l’Asie du Nord et sur l’Europe. I feel i’ll take Poland’s, Ukraine’s, Ireland’s, Armenia’s songs on my playlist. Elle est bordée par la mer Noire et la mer d'Azov au sud, frontalière avec la Russie au nord et à l'est, avec la Biélo...Malte est un État insulaire d'Europe situé au milieu de la Méditerranée. Daily news, interviews, videos, polls, games, exclusive reports and new features.ESCPlus también está disponible en español, haz click aquí para visitar el sitio adaptado a visitantes de habla hispana o habitantes en España.. Le Concours Eurovision de la chanson junior 2018 est la 16 e édition du Concours Eurovision de la chanson junior.Il a eu lieu le 25 novembre 2018 à Minsk, en Biélorussie.. La Pologne, représentée par Roksana Węgiel avec la chanson Anyone I Want to Be, remporte le concours avec 215 points.Il s'agit de sa première victoire depuis sa première participation en 2003. Saddening to see such a vitriolic reaction to a song sung by a 12 yo.Exactly… If they want to, people should dislike the “jury vote video”, but no child performance.What do you want to hear from Australia exactly?In that case, Halo is a rip-off of Kelly Clarkson’s Already Gone.Sad to see geopolitics at play in a children’s contest. I liked Poland, also many else, like Ukraine, Ireland, France, Armenia, Australia…and still more. Het festival werd op 25 november 2018 gehouden in Wit-Rusland, in de hoofdstad Minsk.Het festival werd gewonnen door Roksana Węgiel uit Polen. The fact of the matter is that the Jury’s voted for Australia because without a doubt she has the strongest vocals. Classement Eurovision Junior 2018 Pologne. 9 - Arménie. She improved her stage presence. ?40% is the maximum allowable limit to have non-native/official languages be included. But I think that in ESC, they should be in seperate semi- finals every year, because they have been together 8 times since 2008.The only positive thing is that JESC cant be any worse then this.Actually, this year’s JESC was A LOT better than the one from 2017. Take away the stupid voting for yourself rule EBU and i will watch in 2019. We are bringing you some hints...Today the Jury Dress Rehearsal will take place at the Gliwice Arena. Thanks to that they won the contest.Poland was amongst the favourites on almost every youtube ranking. I can understand them if they want to withdraw later.She sadly did not sing great. If a person can’t perform the song to a high standard, they probably aren’t going to get universal approval from both the Jury and Televote. Oh and Efi. Italy’s Melissa & Marco pulled at our heartstrings. Favouring vocals and ballads over actual song quality is also an issue at ESC, but it’s even more problematic at JESC, as this is a CHILDREN’s show, and children do not want to watch 20 ballads in a row. It was such an emotional performance, that’s.Input your search keywords and press Enter.Facebook: Please enter a Facebook app id.Twitter: Please enter a Twitter Consumer Key.Instagram: The access_token provided is invalid.YouTube: YouTube Data API v3 has not been used in project 864824727489 before or it is disabled. Given the difference between Georgia and Malta and their respective televotes was larger then Australia and their televotes. Some people are saying it’s because Poland has the largest JESC following…maybe but one of the most populous countries in the world participates (Russia) and despite being able to vote for your own country they don’t often seem to top the.Poland actually had back to back wins on Eurovision Young Dancers for both 2015 and 2017, although yes, their wins in other Eurovision events are based on merit and should be rewarded for it.Praise to that comment Sal! I loved France, so happy to see them in 2nd place. All throughout the jury vote I was (quietly) cheering and clapping for my country. Seriously?I was also shocked by Italy’s placing… I personally placed them 18th. Of course, word might spread also among not so tech. Would’ve been last but Melissa’s cuteness raised it a bit .Italy in the Top 10 is definitely a travesty. Het was de eerste Poolse overwinning uit de geschiedenis van het Junior Eurovisiesongfestival. The Netherlands, Armenia, Russia and Ukraine also have big amount of fans. Enable it by visiting https://console.developers.google.com/apis/api/youtube.googleapis.com/overview?project=864824727489 then retry. Ce classement trie les pays selon leur nombre de points obtenus à l’Eurovision Junior 2018. Macedonia (UNDERRATED!!! C’est n’importe quoi ce concours!C’est terminé,je ne regarde plus! No big surprise with the results here. I did not expect that. So please, Ireland, don’t let TG4 switch to English. Every year is some sort a change in voting. .One more edition of good songs being underrated everywhere.12th out of 20 sounds better than 12th out of 16.Best JESC since 2014, fantastic produced show with a brilliant field of songs with many maturely convicted performances and ofc the ever so exciting fun unpredictable new voting system! Read more about Roksana here: https://junioreurovision.tv/participant/roksana-wegiel.All images on www.wiwibloggs.com are readily available on the internet and believed to be in public domain. Also ever since 2016 ratings have plummeted: people want to have a say in the competition.Most broadcasters would place JESC in their smaller channels as it doesn’t attract as broad an audience as the adult contest would, which explains why the show always get about a fraction of ESC’s 200 million yearly views live.People are allowed to vote for their own country because it would be impossible to prevent from a technical standpoint. The jurors went for more technical vocal ability and in my humble opinion.I love the Kazakh song, it was fully produced and has a big atmosphere that I also favors, yet I also feel like it was never meant to be a winner. 2 - France. AND for only the second time since 2012 it isn’t a ballad that won! France, my favorite, finishing two and achieving their best result ever was also great! That’s why we need an indoor arena, whicj Warsaw apparently doesn’t have.According to my research in Wikipedia (yes, I’m so sorry), If they wanted to go big, they can use the Spodek Arena in Katowice or Tauron Arena in Krakow, or they can go to the Gliwice Arena instead but I doubt it because it is newly opened.After that abomination of a jury vote (again), I have never rooted so hard for two songs in my life.Totally agree with you, after this and also what.Although i strongly disagree with the voting system and the fact that the same countries and especially ebu’s baby australia is on top 10 every year, the production value and directing this year was amazing. It’s an honour for Roksana to win in such a company What a dayyyy <3.I like the winner, but it’s obvious that polish people gave themselves a BIG boost in the televoting, like they did with Michal Spazk. Poland haven’t done this well in any Eurovision competition since 2016 so I don’t understand how the diaspora are being blamed? We play by the rules and bring good quality songs to (J)ESC, that are just going to be jury bait. Giving all 24 points for the public wouldn’t change much, since in televoting the situation is very similar (save 2018, where Azerbaijan put Armenia [or the other.I agree, but there are very strong reasons behind them placing each other last each time. If you enabled this API recently, wait a few minutes for the action to propagate to our systems and retry.Roksana Węgiel from Poland won the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Minsk with the song Anyone I Want To Be. Luckily the winner is decided neither by me, nor by you but by the majority.Junior Eurovision. Like she has a great voice but the song wasn’t really that memorable. they can still have the whole package.So happy for my country! It was a big song, and in all her performances from national final to the final show, her voice was grating to me and often in the wrong pitch. I thought that we put on a great show, and people need to stop disliking our video. They should go bilingual.They’ve done bilingual before in 2016 and while it actually fared well that year, inserting an English verse would probably not have made a difference either way.Are you kidding? La république d'Irlande revendique son identité celtique, si bien que, sur le plan culturel, elle représente habitue...L’Azerbaïdjan est un pays du Caucase situé sur la ligne de division entre l'Europe et l'Asie. And no need to be rude toward towards Roksana and her song.Not the winner I expected, but a fair winner I suppose. 3. Re: People voting for their own country, for its second year of application, it doesn’t seem like that has been a factor yet to deem it bad. It was a good song with amazing vocals, and the jury rewarded it! Albania participated in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Minsk, Belarus with the song "Barbie" performed by Efi Gjika. It makes sense.That’s all true. France- my winner, that performance was eveything and they should have won, but a second place is also great and hopefully they will become a JESC regular. Poland should seek inspiration in their youngster….Would you prefer the artists mimed the songs?There was many good participants. Not only Poland has a huge JESC fanbase. All these complaints about the disparities between Televote and Jury EVERY SINGLE CONTENT (JESC AND ESC) just tire me. Are you Australian as well? In addition, it is important to stress that the percentage figures below are not the exact percentages, rather the percentage of the total number of points (1,102) that each country received.So, as you can see, Poland beat Spain in the online vote by approximately 210,000 votes. Therefore, we have rounded our own online vote calculations.Indeed, the numbers below should be considered a close approximation. Last year (using a similar system), Poland came 7th in the online vote (same as their jury placing).Nope soz dont like polad, neither does a lot of other people stop trying to make it look like a fan favourite.Even if it’s like you say… well they deserve at least for wanting to win so much, for making so much effort. Warsaw or Krakow would be awesome host cities. There were a bunch of worthy winners tonight, but in the end it was Poland. Thankfully the online voting recognized her talent and song with a third place ranking. It’s just nuts how Italy managed to be in the Top 10 in both jury and televote. Songwise, production wise & even resultwise.I was shocked with Wales’ last place. Might be some surprises….TOP 2 countries with juries points sang in 100 % English. I mean, in the televote, I can understand it since we’re talking about thousands and thousands of children, teens and adults, with the children being the most interested. But, honestly, the voting process of the evening was interesting to say the least. Poland won,Damn! Australia (very well deserved, a fantastic performance) 4. C’est le vote du public qui a propulsé la Polonaise à la première place du classement (après le vote du jury national, elle occupait la 7e place).Cette16e édition de l’Eurovision Junior marquait le grand retour de la France dans le concours après quatorze ans d’absence. Similar we had in adult Eurovision every year overrated in juries points we had Sweden, Australia, Malta, The Nehterlands, Belgium , Israel. That doesn’t mean it’s right or can’t be criticized.Tbh, JESC needs to make up its mind if it comes to a voting system. I actually only found the “necessity” to speak up now after the Junior Eurovision this year, since seeing that it happens to the kid jury members as well is, simply put, scary. Congratulations Poland on your first JESC victory and 2nd Top 5 finish in a (J)ESC, ending a very long drought lasting almost a quarter of a century. At least, make the juries more children-oriented.Well, the adults voting here are clearly out of touch with the show’s target audience and this needs to be fixed. And Polish people voted in big numbers for themselves.It’s better for you to no perform on.You know France was 15th, not last and that Poland was drawn last and not put there?Sorry but even though Manw is a talented sweetheart, Perta was just too boring. The first round of the online audience vote for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019 has just been...Junior Eurovision: Alicja Tracz completes Polish final line-up,Today: Poland selects the last performer for Junior Eurovision national final,Junior Eurovision: Listen to the 12 Maltese songs,Today: Malta premieres MJESC finalist songs – online voting opens,© Copyright 2020, All Rights Reserved. The 2018 edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest took place in Minsk, the capital of Belarus. Which songs did you watch the most of the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest on our YouTube Channel?

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